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Vimianzo Castle (Castillo de Vimianzo)

Short History

Vimianzo Castle was built in the 12th century and it was the property of the Moscoso family.

In 1467 it was conquered and destroyed by the Irmandinos, but later it was rebuilt under Archibishop Fonseca.

After the Vimianzo Castle came back to its original owner, the Moscoso family, archibishop Fonseca became the castle's prisoner.

Due to this fact, the Catholic Kings expelled the family from Galicia and they lost their property again.

Alternative Names:

  • Castillo de Vimianzo (Spanish), Castelo de Vimianzo (Galician), Torres de Martelo
  • English: Castle of Vimianzo, Vimianzo Castle, Vimianzo Towers

The Castle Today


Vimianzo Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Galicia. Currently it is owned by the local government and it is open to visitors.

Vimianzo Castle Map

Directions: Rúa da Torre, 22, 15129 Vimianzo, Spain
Aproximate Geographic Coordinates: 43.111181, -9.03177

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 Vimianzo Castle Photos

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Vimianzo Castle Tower © José Camba
Vimianzo Castle Tower © Rafael Gomez
Vimianzo Castle Tower © Miguel Navaza
Vimianzo Castle Courtyard © Rafael Gomez
Vimianzo Castle Tower © Drusae