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The Castle of Jasov (Jasovský Castle)

The Jasov Castle ruins are located in the village of Jasov, Slovakia.

Jasov Castle History

After the battle of Rozhanovce in 1312, at which King Karol Robert vanquished the Omodej clan, he had a castle built on the north-east tip of Jasov Rock, on the basis of an agreement with the Convent of Jasov, and entrusted it to the care of the count palatine.

Records from 1324 mention Lack, son of Mika de Beel, who was himself castellan to Count Palatine Filip, as the castellan or keeper of the castle. The castle was intended for the defence of the as yet unfortified monastery, and in the records of 1390, its name is given as Jazowara. In the 15th century it was besieged by the bratrici armies led by the Pole Udricky.

Just below the castle mount, in the upper part of Jasov Cave, an inscription was discovered in 1923 written in charcoal directly on the dry limestone rock, which tells of the battle between Jan Jiskra of Brandys and Jan Hunady at Lucenec. It is dated St. Matthew's Day, 24.2.1452, and commemorates Jiskra's victory.

In 1458 Jasov Castle was taken by the royal army led by Sebastian of Rozhanovce, but was subsequently never rebuilt.

The Jasov Castle stood on the very top of the limestone outcrop, directly above Jasov Cave, at a height of 96 metres relative to the river below, and 350 metres above sea-level. It formed an irregular oval with dimensions 46 * 12 to 14 metres, and with its longer axis oriented east-west.

The rocky plateau over which the castle extended is defined on the north side by a steep and in places vertical drop. On the other sides it was protected by a ditch carved out of the rock, 7-10 metres wide and 4-12 metre deep. A180 cm thick outer defence-wall rose up above this ditch.

On the north side, overlooking the steep drop, for safety reasons there was probably a simple wooden fence. On the western side of the castle yard stood a residential palace building with a ground area of 12x10 metres, whose outer defences were an integral part of the general fortifications. There are no other visible signs of further stone architecture in the castle interior.

The access road led up from the east and then crossed over through a cutting to the western side, where there was a bridge construction of which some masonry in the shape of a letter L has survived to this day.

There was another ring of fortifications around the castle forecourt, at a distance of 100 to 150 metres to the south, consisting of a large ditch 300 m long, 18-20 m wide and 5-7 metres deep, with a 2-3 m high earth rampart along the interior side.

Getting there

The strength of the former nature trail leads to the Jasov’s rock. The entry point is directly in front of Jasov cave. The trail is marked on both sides. When you stand facing the cave, take the left direction, so the path is is easier on the rock.

Jasov Castle Map

Here is the map to the Jasov's Cave, situate on the top of Jasov Rock. Get help with directions:

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Jasov's Castle Ruins Photos

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Jasov Castle © Szeder László
Jasov Rock © HikerBIKER
Jasov Cave © HikerBIKER