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Sotomayor Castle


Located not far from Ponte Sampaio, Pontevedra, the origins of the Sotomayor Castle dates back to the 12th century and the name of Don Pax Mendez Sorrede.

Its plan is oval with double line of defenses and it is situated on top of a rocky promontory. One of its most famous owners was Pedro Madruga (aka Pedro Sotomayor) who played an important role in the Irmandinos Revolt in the 15th century.

In the 19th century it belonged to the Marqueses of Armijo who decided to create an estival-palatial Residence, adding the arched gallery and opening windows although these changes didn't alter the military character of the construction.

The Castle Today

Today, Sotomayor Castle is a public building, open for visitors paying a small fee and it has become a popular venue for local weddings.

Sotomayor Castle Map&Location

Directions: PO-2908, Soutomaior, Galicia, Spain
Approximate Geographic Coordinates: 42.330009,-8.568601

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Sotomayor Castle Photos

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Sotomayor Castle and garden
Sotomayor Castle tower
Sotomayor Castle park
Sotomayor Castle gardens
Sotomayor Castle garden