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Sobroso Castle

Short History

The oldest reference to Sobroso Castle dates back to 1096. Back then, the castles was the property of the Counts of Galicia, dona Urraca and don Raimundo of Burgundy, the Mitra of Tui.

The Sobroso Castle that stands today dates back to the 14th or 15th century construction consisting of 2 enclosures. The outer one is irregular and the entrance is made through a drawbridge, and the inner one is rectangular with its keep on its weakest side.

In the 15th century, Sobroso Castle saw the fight between the Sarmientos and Pedro Madruga, but after that the castle wasn't much active.

Sobroso Castle Today - Visitor Info

Sobroso is one of the most beautiful castles of Galicia. It stands high on a mountain commanding a vast area.

Located in the Villasobroso village in Galicia, the castle is easily accessible and it is open for visitors. The castle also hosts an ethnographic museum.

Sobroso Castle Map&Location

Sobroso Castle (Galician Castelo do sobroso) is located in the vilage of Villasobroso (Mondariz) in Galicia, Spain.
Directions: PO-4402, 36870 Mondariz, Spain
Aproximate Geographic Coordinates: 42.205972, -8.463750

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 Sobroso Castle Photos

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Sobroso Castle tower
Sobroso Castle
Sobroso Castle-the chapel way
Sobroso Castle interior - Faladorio
Sobroso Castle interior -salon