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Scotney Castle

Located southeast of Lamberhurst, Kent, Scotney Castle is named after the De Scoteni family who held the land here.

The river which divides the two counties of Kent and Sussex, once ran through the centre of the ground on which the house stands.

History of Scotney Castle

Walter de Scoteni held it in 13th century. He held a total of 14 knights fees and was found guilty of poisoning both Richard, Earl of Gloucester and his brother, William de Clare, he was later hanged for his crimes. The estate continued in same family till c1350’s, when it went to the Ashburnhams.

The original property of Scotney Castle may have been a manor house, as it is reported that in the reign of Richard II (1377-99)  the property was castellated, however, it was Roger Ashburnham who built the castle here c 1358.

In the 15th century, the property went to Henry Chicheley, Archbishop of Canterbury, who resided there and he in turn gave it to his niece on her marriage to John Darrell.

The property had built into the design secret hiding places, which were used in 16th century by a Jesuit priest to avoid arrest, as at that time they were regarded as  enemies of the state.

In the 17th century, a house was built as an attachment of the castle.

In 1724 the property was sold to Mr John Richards of Robertsbridge, who sold it, and the farm adjoining, to Edward Hussey who built a new house in 1837 which enjoyed the picturesque view of the ruined castle.

The Scotney Castle's property is now in the hands of the National Trust.

Scotney Castle Visitor Info

For upadated details about opening times and tickets visit the official website.

You also can get in touch with Scotney Castle's office using this contact details.
Phone: 01892893820 (Infoline)

Scotney Castle Map&Location

Scotney Castle is located at the following address: Lamberhurst, Kent TN3, UK. Use the map provided bellow to get help with directions:

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 Scotney Castle Photos

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Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle courtyard
Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle garden
Scotney Castle room
Scotney Castle walls