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Esterházy Palace Eisenstadt (Schloss Eszterhazy)

The Esterházy Palace is located in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria.

The origin of this cultural landmark can be traced back to a 13th –century, as a Gothic fortress. Since 1622 the palace was owned by the Esterházy family. 

Esterházy Palace was used as an important place for social, cultural, and political meetings, chiefly due to its prime location at the intersection of Eastern and Western Europe. T

he structure is unique because it combines a baroque style of architecture with an austere neoclassic style as well as influences of Austrian Biedermeier design. The Haydnsaal (Haydn Hall) is thought to have one of the most beautiful interiors and finest acoustic setups in the world.

Esterhazy Palace Visitor Information

The Esterhazy Palace is a very popular tourist attraction, not only because of its beauty but also because it hosts a number of cultural events every year.

Today, the The Esterházy Palace is the prime cultural venue and architectural attraction of Burgenland.

The palace is open for visits and guided tours are available. For more information about tickets and tours visit the official site at: 

Esterhazy Palace Eisenstadt Map&Location

Esterhazy Palace is located in Vienna, Austria at the following adress: Wallnerstraße 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
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Esterházy Palace Photos

eisenstadt schloss
Esterházy Palace Eisenstadt

SchlossEsterhazy Garden Austria
Esterházy Palace Eisenstadt - Garden

SchlossEsterhazy Austria
Esterházy Palace Austria - Facade

Esterházy Palace Haydn Hall
Esterházy Palace Haydn Hall

Esterházy Palace Empire Hall
Empire Hall Shloss Esterházy Austria