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Sandown Castle

Built by Henry VIII as part of his coastal defence, it took 18 months to build at a cost of £2887.  Similar to Walmer castle in design and built with recycled stone from a nearby monastery, it was completed in 1540.

It was to be guarded by a captain and 34 men, however the garrison may have been varied at times as another source says 18 men.

In 1553, it was given to Lord Clinton, the Lord Warden of Cinque Ports and it passed through a number of hands 

In 1642, Sandown Castle was held by Parliamentary forces, however during the Kent Rebellion in 1648, it was taken and declared for the King.  Cromwell’s army besieged the castle and it finally fell.

In 1664, under Charles II, it was used as prison for Colonel John Hutchinson who died there.

It suffered sea damage in 1785 and it was remodelled in 1805 and garrisoned to assist in the defences against Napoleon.

Following further sea and fire damage, the castle was finally sold and demolished in 1863, with the stone being used to repair the castle at Walmer.

Sandwon Castle is located a mile south of Deal Castle.

Sandown Castle Map

Map references: Latitude 51.2378° Longitude 1.4028°

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 Photos of Sandown Castle remains

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Sandown Castle remains

Sandown Castle site

Sandown Castle site