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San Paio Castle (Castillo San Paio de Narla)

Short History

The San Paio Castle (Spanish: Fortaleza de San Paio de Narla) was probably built by Gonzalo Ozores in the early 15th century.

As nearly every castle in Galicia it suffered from the Irmandinos uprising. Reconstruction began shortly after the war, by nobleman Vasco das Seixas.

The San Paio Castle consists of a huge keep and a domastic range attached to it, that previously formed the enclosure. It has a little courtyard in the middle and some beautiful stone staircases leading to the upper floor.

Visit San Paio Castle: Historical and Ethnographic Museum

Today, San Paio Castle houses an ethnographic museum (Museo-Fortaleza San Paio de Narla). Entrance to the museum and the castle is free.

Getting to the San Paio Castle is easy, it can be reached on the road from Friol to Sobrado.

San Paio de Narla Castle Map&Location

Address: Museo Historico Y Etnografico, Castronela, S/N, 27227 Friol, Spain. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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San Paio de Narla Castle © Pablo Charlón
San Paio de Narla Castle © JL Cernadas
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San Paio de Narla Castle © JL Cernadas
San Paio de Narla Castle © Emilio García