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Peñafiel Castle


Also known as El Buque (the ship) due to its elongated shape, Penafiel Castle is 210 m long and 33 m wide. It was built in the 15th century over much older fortifications.

The keep is rectangular; it is over 30 m high and has 14.5 m and 20 m at the base. The keep is flanked by two courtyards.

Located close to river Duero, the former frontier between medieval Castilla and the moorish south, it was owned by one of the most famous Spanish knights, the "Infante Don Juan Manuel".

Currently, the Penafiel Castle houses the Provincial Museum of the Wines of Valladolid and can be visited on a guided tour.

Peñafiel Castle Map&Location

Peñafiel Castle Address:  Peñafiel, Av Constitución, 1, 47300 Peñafiel, Spain. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Peñafiel Castle © ROBINHO Y PACO
Peñafiel Castle (2) © ROBINHO Y PACO
Peñafiel Castle towers © Roberto
Peñafiel Castle inside © E Larequi García
Peñafiel Castle inside © nushh