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Real de Madrid Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid)

Real de Madrid Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid) is the first royal palace in Madrid was known as the Alcázar.

Royal Palace of Madrid History

Palacio Real de Madrid was initially a fortress built around 875 by Muhammed I on a promontory that was soon incorporated into the north-west corner of the city walls.

The Trastámara dynasty altered the structure, creating new towers around the military courtyard, a chapel and a room decorated with Mudéjar-style images.

In 1536 Charles V, as part of his general initiative for improving a number of royal palaces, commissioned a major reworking of the palace. But almost 200 years later, a fire on Christmas Eve 1734 destroyed nine centuries of history but enabled the new dynasty to build a palace to its own taste.

The new Palacio Real was built from 1738 to designs by Giovanni Battista Sacchetti. The new palace, built on a square ground-plan from Colmenar stone on a granite base, displays Italian and French Neo-classical influences.

Royal Palace of Madrid Decoration

In 1753 the decoration began under Corrado Giaquinto; Anton Raphael Mengs and Giambattista Tiepolo took over in 1761–1762. The palace’s collection of paintings, sculptures and tapestries by leading Spanish, Italian, Flemish and French artists, which had suffered heavily in the fire of 1734, was increased by successive monarchs, notably Charles III (1759–1788).

Among the works that survived the fire, however, were the gilt bronze lions by Giuliano Finelli in the red satin-lined Salón del Trono; the same room has a painted ceiling by Tiepolo, depicting the Glory of Spain. Mengs decorated the ceiling of the Gran Comedor (formerly the Cuarto de la Reina) with the Triumph of Aurora (1762–4); and Francisco Bayeu also painted al fresco ceiling decorations.

Also by Mengs is the unfinished altarpiece in the Capilla Real; the ceiling displays impressive paintings by Giaquinto who also painted the ceiling above the palace’s main marble staircase.

The palace also houses the Armería Real, the central feature of which is a collection made by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Flemish and German armour.

In 1962 the Nuevos Museos were established in the north-west wing of the palace in order to exhibit properly the numerous paintings contained in the royal collection.


Royal Palace of Madrid Map&Location

Address:  Royal Palace of Madrid, Calle Bailen, 0, 28001 Madrid, Spain. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Real de Madrid Palace Photos

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Real de Madrid Palace panorama by Turismo Madrid
Real de Madrid Palace courtyard by Javier Corbo
Real de Madrid Palace courtyard by Jan Kalfus
Real de Madrid Palace interior detail by Boris
Real de Madrid Palace corner by Turismo Madrid
Real de Madrid Palace and Sabatini Gardens by Jan
  Real de Madrid Palace - Sabatini Gardens by b.roveran
Real de Madrid Sabatini Gardens by Peter Eimon