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Navahrudak (Novogrudok) castle

One of the most famous castles in Belarus, Navahudrak Castle was one of the strongholds of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

As early as the 11th and 12th century the walls of the castle were repeatedly stormed by enemy troops. In the second half of the 13th century, the first tower was erected.

This tower played a major role in the fact that the Navahrudak castle was never captured by opponent troops until the war of Russia with the Polish Kingdom (1654 - 1667). Then, after a long siege, the castle was captured and destroyed.

This unique castle was declared a state monument in 1921.

Novogrudok Map&Location

Navahrudak Castle is located near Navahrudak city (Novogrudok), Hrodna Province, Belarus. This map provided bellow will be usefull to reach Navahudrak Castle.

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Navahudrak Castle Photos

 Navahrudak Castle
Navahrudak Castle

Navahrudak Castle ruins
Navahrudak Castle ruins

Novogrudok Castle

Novogrudok view from the castle
Novogrudok view from the castle