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Monterreal Castle

Short History of Monterreal Castle

Monterreal Castle's origins date back to the Catholic Kings (hence the name "Mount Royal") when they built it as a protection enclosure for the villagers of Bayona in times of danger, although much of it was re-built between the 16th and the 18th centuries.

Its walls spread on top of an elevation surrounded on 3 sides by the sea. The fourth side faces the land and that is more heavily defended. Monterreal Castle was attacked on several ocassions by Drake and by Moorish and Turkish pirates.

It was also the place where the Caravel "Pinta" docked after its first voyage to America. Thus Monterreal was the first town in the western world that knew about the discovery of the New World by Columbus.

The Castle Today

Today, whitin the castle's walls you can rest or dine as it is the location of the "Parador Conde de Gondomar".

Access is permitted and you can walk around the lengthy walls without being a guest of the Parador.

Monterreal Castle Map&Location

Monterreal Castle Address: Avenida Monterreal, S/N, 36300 Baiona, Spain. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Monterreal Castle Photos

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Monterreal Castle © Luis G. Cabello
Night view from Monterreal Castle © Contando Estrelas
Monterreal Castle night © Contando Estrelas
Monterreal Castle walls © SantiMB
Monterreal Castle detail © JL Cernadas