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Moeche Castle


Moeche Castle was built in the 14th century by the Andrades Family.

It has an octogonal groundplan, and its walls are 10 m high and 3 m thick. Its gatekeep is 18 m tall and it is the only part of the castle protecting its walls from the outside. It was under siege and taken by the Irmandinos uprising.

Every year on the 3rd week of august this event is commemorated at Moeche.

The Castle Today

The Moeche Castle has been restored recently, but in order to visit the interior of the castle, you'll have to request the keys from the local town hall.

Moeche Castle Map&Location

Approximate Geographic Coordinates: 43.549901,-7.992961
Directions: AC-4901, 15563 Moeche, Spain

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 Moeche Castle Photos

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Moeche Castle
Moeche Castle (2)
Moeche Castle courtyard
Moeche Castle detail