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Mardakan Round Tower


There are two well known keeps or castles in Mardakan, both with a very important role in the region's history. The two different shaped towers are the Mardakan Quadrangular Tower and the Round Tower.

About the Round Tower of Mardakan

The Mardakan Round Tower is a 13th century castle situated in Mardakan, situated about 37 km from the capital city of Baku.

The Round castle of Mardakan was built in the 13th century and its tower acted as signal houses for alerting the population of enemy presence.

Like most of the castles in the Absheron peninsula, the Round castle and tower did not have inner courtyards and overall it wasn’t designed for long stays. Its purpose was solely defensive and it also served as a signal tower.

The Round Tower of Mardakan is 16 m high and it is situated in the centre of a small courtyard of just 25m X 25m. The outer walls protecting the tower are 7 m high.

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Mardakan Round Tower

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Round Tower Addess: Sharg, Mardakan, Khazar, Baku. Postal Code: AZ1076. Get help with directions:

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