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Maceda Castle

Short History

Originally built in the late 11th century, the Maceda Castle that we see today is a mixture of very different styles of construction. It comprises two concentric enclosures.

The outher one was finished in the 16th century and was adapted for firearm use.

It is believed that it was at Maceda where king Alfonso X the Wise studied Galician during his childhood, language he used later in his "Cantigas de Santa Maria.

In the 15th century Maceda Castle was assaulted and damaged by an Irmandinos army under the command of Diego de Lemos, who, at that time had an army of 10.000 rebels.

The Castle Today

Today Maceda Castle is privately owned and run as a hotel, but the local government plans to convert it to a cultural centre.

Maceda Castle Map&Location

Address:Castilo de Maceda, Calle de Castelo, 32700 Maceda, Spain. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Maceda Castle Photos

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Castillo de Maceda © Benito Cid
Maceda Castle corner © Diego FL
Maceda Castle entrance  © Diego FL