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Krevo Castle

The Krevo Castle is located in the Grodno region of Belarus. It is mainly famous for the fact that on the 14th of August 1385, the Krevo Union was signed in this castle.

That document became the beginning of the creation of the Great Lithuanian Principality and the Polish Crown. The stones of the castle were built up in the 1330's.

The castle is irregular in shape, but remind of a trapeze. The Krevo Castle had two towers situated diagonally. Its north-western tower extended above the perimeter of the castle stones which made it look different from all the other castles and fortifications in Belarus.

It was once called the Duke's tower, as the Duke used to live on the first floor of it. The basement of the tower housed a prison.

During 1503 and 1506, Krevo castle suffered greatly from the raids of the Crimean tatars. Gradually, Krevo Castle lost its military importance and became a ruin.

Krevo Castle Map&Location

Krevo Castle is located in the small village of Krevo, near the Smorgon' city (Smarhoń), Hrodna Province, Belarus.
Get help with directions to Smorgon' city (Smarhoń) using the map provided bellow.

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Krevo Castle Photos

 Krevo Castle Belarus
Krevo Castle Belarus - photo by Aleks Dorohovich

Krevo Castle - photos by JaidenKrevo Castle

Krevo castle

krevo castle

krevo castle