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Kellie Castle

Kellie Castle Tour

A spectacular tower house with three towers and a linking block, Kellie Castle is well preserved and furnished.

A lesser door in the west makes entry front. To the left is a vaulted room with video presentation. It is the base of the oldest, late 14th century tower.

The tour at Kellie Castle passes the gift shop to the main staircase in the Southwest tower of 1606. The drawing room is furnished in the Georgian style.

Off it is a vault in the northwest tower, which was converted into a chapel in the 1940s by Hew Lorimer. The dining room has richly painted panels and tapestries. The Vine Room has a ceiling with plaster vines and a painted rounded by De Wet.

The tour also includes the dressing room, the Earl’s room, the Professor’s room, a nursery on the top floor of the south western tower, the Blue bedroom and Lorimer room below.

This has changing exhibitions on the work of the architect, Sir Robert Lorimer, as well as the artist John Henry Lorimer, and the sculptor, Hew Lorimer.

Examples of their work adorn the castle. The vaulted kitchen on the ground floor has a black range and numerous old utensils.

Kellie Castle History

The Kellie Castle, which has many turrets, chimneys, carved panels and corbie-stepped gables, was begun in the 14th century.

The East Tower was added in 1573 – perhaps a courtyard or low buildings were located between. In 1606 the linking block and the Southwest tower were added. Originally owned by the Siward family, it passed to the Oliphants.

It was sold in 1613 to the Erskines who were created Earls of Kellie in 1619. Abandoned by 1860, it was leased and ultimately purchased by Professor James Lorimer.

Kellie Castle was bought by the National Trust of Scotland from the Lorimers in 1970.

Kellie Castle Map&Location

Kellie Castle Address: Anstruther KY10 2RF, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Kellie Castle Photos

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Kellie Castle garden
Kellie Castle gardens
Kellie Castle courtyard
Our Lady of the Isles-Hew Lorimer exhibition
Kellie Castle gardens-gate - Photos: