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Hussey Tower

Hussey Tower is all that remains of Hussey Hall, a 15th century tower house, built by the wealthy landowner Richard Benyngton.

The Hussey Tower is a three storey brick structure with windows framed in stone and scars in the masonry that show where the range of buildings joined it.

Hussey Tower looks like a miniature version of Tattershall Castle, perhaps because Benyngton was a friend of Ralph Cromwell, who built Tattershall. Hussey Tower may have been built by Peter Lyndon, a German, who had worked at Tattershall. Both structures use Boston Bricks.

The Hussey family owned the house in the 16th century, but Lord Hussey lost both his house and his head following the Lincolnshire Rising in 1536. Ownership of the Hall passed to the Crown, and then to the Borough. Today only the ruined tower remains.

Hussey Tower Visits

The Hussey Tower is manages by The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire. Only the exterior site is permanently open for visits and and access inside the tower is available only twice a year.

For more information you can contact the manager on (01529) 461499 or email or visit the The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire official website.

Hussey Tower Map

Hussey Tower is located at the following address in England: Off Skirbeck Road, Boston, PE21 6DA, PE21, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using this map provided bellow:

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Hussey Tower Photos

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Hussey Tower

Hussey Tower  courtyard

Hussey Tower winter