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Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle Facts

The construction of the first Hiroshima Castle began in 1589 by Terumoto Mohri, a clan leader in Japan's turbulent period.

Also called "Carp Castle", it displayed its appearance in the Sanyo Trail as one of the most famous castles that can be compared with those in Osaka and Himeji.

It was even declared as the National Treasure until the Atomic bomb destroyed everything including the donjon. The donjon which we have now was rebuilt in 1958, which carries historical materials chiefly from the Samurai culture.

A castle park surrounds it, with beautiful cherry blossoms and maples trees. You can also occasionally see swans swimming gracefully in the moat.

Visitor Information

Opening Times:

January to November: Daly between 09,00-18,00
December to February: Daily between 09,00-17,00

Closed: 29 December - 02 January


Adult ticket: 360 yen for individual, 280 yen for groups (over 30 persons)
Children ticket: 180 for individual, 100 yen for groups (over 30 children)

Contact details:

Website: (for English version click on the link, for Japanese type the address in your browser)
Tel:+81 82-221-7512

Hiroshima Castle Map&Location

Address: 21-1 Moto machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0011. See bellow the location on the map:

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Hiroshima Castle Photos

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The Hiroshima Castle by Roderick Lopez
Main Keep at Hiroshima Castle by Jason Rumney
Hiroshima Castle entrance by Matt Watts
Hiroshima Castle grounds by Colleen
Hiroshima Castle Praying Area by Richard Riley
Hiroshima Castle Park by Bob Freund
Yard at Hiroshima Castle by Richard Riley
Hiroshima Castle Night View by kenichi nobusue