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Hadlow Castle

Hadlow castle is a 19th century neo-gothic castle located in Hadlow, Kent.

Walter May, who died in 1823, erected the very ornate Gothic building, which he called Walter Hadlow Court Castle. Barton May added the "costly appendages and embellishments" to the building.

The tower was used as a watchtower during World War II, by the Royal Observer Corps.

After Barton May’s death, the estate was split up and in 1952, the Castle, being impossible for modern living, was sold for demolition.

May's 1840 tower, along with some courtyard buildings, has outlived his 1830 Gothic-revival house, and it is currently scheduled for renovation.

Hadlow Castle Map&Location

Hadlow Castle is located in Hadlow, Kent TN11, UK. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Hadlow Castle 1838
Hadlow Castle 1907
Hadlow Castle 2008
Hadlow Castle entrance