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Grajal de Campos Castle

Grajal de Campos Castle Short History

Begun in the 16th century by Hernando de Vega over remains of a 10th century castle, the Grajal de Campos Castle was finished by his son Juan de Vega y Acuna, count of Grajal.

Designed to withstand the use of artillery the castle has sloped walls and its overall height is lower than those of earlier castles, making it difficult and hard to target by cannon fire.

The Grajal de Campos Castle has a square plan with four corner towers covering all blind spots and it is located on the western edge of the village over a small hill. In this same village there is a renaissance palace owned by the same counts which is said to be linked by an underground tunnel with the castle.

To this day, the castle belongs to the actual Duke of Alburquerque, its interior is dismantled and can be visited but opening hours are clumsy, matching the will of its caretaker.

Grajal de Campos Castle Map&Location

Address: Castillo de Grajal, Carretera Sahagún, 24340 Grajal de Campos, Spain. Get help with directions:

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Grajal de Campos Castle Photos

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Grajal de Campos © Luis G. Cabello
Grajal de Campos Castle walls and courtyard © Alberto
Grajal de Campos Castle walls © Alberto
Grajal de Campos Castle Aerioal View © Ricardo Melgar