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Fredriksten Fortress

The Fredriksten Fortress (Fredriksten Festnings Venner) is located in the town of Halden, close to the Swedish border.

Fredriksten Fortress History

Construction on the Fredriksten Fortress lasted from 1661 to 1701 and it was built at the order of the Norwegian king to reinforce the Norwegian – Swedish border.

In 1814, the Fredriksten fortress was again surrounded by the Swedish army and it was under attack for 14 days. Fredriksten was not captured, but after a cease fire agreement was signed (Convention of Moss), Norway unified with Sweden.

The Fredriksten fortress covers an extensive area of 2,000 square meters (21,528 square feet) and contains storehouses, powder houses, bastions, and deep passageways. The fortress was built in response to continuous Swedish attacks on the frontier post of Halden, which was vulnerable to unexpected assaults.

These days, this well preserved fort functions as a beautiful tourist attraction that offers a panoramic view of the city of Halden.

The fortress grounds can be visited at anytime freely, but in order to enter the fortress museum one needs to buy a ticket. Guided tours are also available during the summer months.

Fredriksten Fortress Map&Location

Address: Fredriksten Festnings Venner - Generalveien 6, 1769 Halden, Norway. Get help with directions suing the map provided bellow:

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 Fredriksten Castle Photos

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The Fredriksten Fortress © Lynn D. Rosentrater
Fredriksten Fortress - from the town © Eva Mostraum
Fredriksten Castle Garden © Jens-Chr Strandos
Fredriksten fortress courtyard © Anders Lennver
Fredriksten Castle walls © Jostein Ryan
Fredriksten Castle access © Anders Lennver