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Eltz castle (Burg Eltz)

Eltz Castle Description

The 850 year-old Eltz Castle sits on a steep rock in one of the tributary rivers of the river Mosel – amidst one of Germany’s most unspoiled wooded ancient landscapes.

Encircled by the river Elz, which gave its name to one of Germany’s most eminent noble families, Eltz Castle has been the family home of the Lords and Counts of Eltz for more than thirty generations.

The inside of the castle is unique: the living and sleeping areas, the armoury and knights’ hall, the hunting room and kitchen – all have been well preserved and furnished essentially with original contents.

Owing to clever diplomacy, Eltz Castle has survived unharmed for centuries, making it one of the few European castles never to be destroyed. The castle represents 500 years of finest European secular architecture, resulting in its present shape at about 1600 A.D.

Its eventful history, unique architecture and picturesque setting make Eltz Castle the epitome of a German medieval stronghold. The vault of the castle contains one of Europe’s foremost treasure coves with its renowned collection of medieval goldsmith's work as well as many other precious objets d’art.

Eltz Castle - Visitor Info

The Castle is open daily From 1st of April to1st November, between 9,30 - 17,30

Castle Tours and Treasure Vault are available for visits. A tour will last about 40 min, and will begin every 10-15 min.

Ticket Info

Adult ticket is € 8.00
Reduced ticket for Children, students, disabled visitors  € 5.50 per person
Gropu ticket for adults (over 20 persons - € 7.00 per person
Educational groups ticket € 5.00 per person
Family ticket - € 24.00 per family

Contact Info:

Phone: +49 (2672) 9 50 50 - 0     
Fax: +49 (2672) 9 50 50 - 50
Official website:;

Eltz Castle Map&Location

Addres: Burg Eltz, 56294 Münstermaifeld, Germany. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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 Eltz Castle Photos

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Eltz Castle © Robert Müller
Eltz Castle © Robert Müller
Burg Eltz © Bruno D Rodrigues
Burg Eltz © Bruno D Rodrigues
Eltz Castle area © Craig Elliott