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Drum Castle

Drum Castle History   

The old tower of Drum is believed to be one of the three oldest towers surviving in Scotland. Adjoining it is a large wing of 1619 and some Victorian additions.

The old tower was the work of Richard Cementarius, Master Mason to the King in the late 13th century.

The ground floor vault has a well. The lands were granted to William Irvine in 1323 by Robert the Bruce and remained in their ownership (latterly Forbes-Irvine) until they were given to the Trust in 1976.

Drum Castle Tours

Tours at Drum Castle commence in the Victorian times with an oak ceiling. Off it is the Irvine Room, with genealogical books associated with the clan.

The dining room is followed by the Business Room with the Muniment Room off it – it is locked behind a steel door.

Tours continue through the Green Bedroom and closet, the Chintz Room and Cross Chamber to the vaulted library, located in the laigh hall of the old tower.

The oldest book is a history of Italy dating from the 16th century. The gallery is a corridor leading back to the main stairs; it contains relics associated with Prince Charlie and Mary, Queen of Scots. On the ground floor are vaulted kitchens, sculleries and a tearoom.


  • Closed to the public are the north wing, which contains the former brew house and gateway.
  • Near the castle is the heavily restored 16th century chapel.

Drum Castle Map&Location

Drum Castle Address: Drumoak, Banchory, Aberdeenshire AB31 5EY, UK. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Drum Castle Photos

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Drum Castle
Drum Castle grounds
Drum Castle Garden-Autumn
Drum Castle Tower
Drum Castle Chapel
Drum Castle Interior of the chapel