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Delgatie Castle

Delgatie Castle History   

Reputedly dating back to around 1030, what stands of Delgatie Castle today dates from 1570-1509. Wings were added in 1743, the most westerly containing a Chapel. The grounds have a garden, the Thomson Memorial Fountain of 1918 and various carved stones.

Delgatie was taken from the Earl of Buchan in 1314 and granted to the Hays, later Earls of Errol. Sold to Garden of Troup in 1763, the Duff Earls of Fife later acquired the estate, but it has since returned to Hay ownership. Mary, Queen of Scots stayed for three days in 1562.

The castle was threatened with demolition but Captain John Hay decided instead to live there and commence its restoration.

Delgatie Castle Tour

The tour of the Delgatie Castle is virtually an ascent of the tall spiral staircase (97 treads), visiting each room, which extends off it.

From the vaulted ground floor one visits the ballroom with oriole window, the withdrawing room, the anteroom and Tulip Room, the latter having an old aumbry and painted ceiling beams of 1593.

There are various bedrooms to be seen, especially the Romaise Room which has a painted ceiling of 1597. The bedroom above, called the Attock Fort, has a painted ceiling of 1955!

Delgatie shows its antiquity, and its owner’s interest in stonemasonry and heraldry. Various carved stones were the work of John Hay, including Elephant corbels and coats of arms. There are a number of fine portraits, antiques and cannon.

Delgatie Castle Map&Location

Address: Delgatie Castle, Delgaty, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB53, 5TD. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Delgatie Castle Photos

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Delgatie Castle and the old chapel remains
Delgatie Castle and courtyard
Delgatie Castle gardens
Delgatie Castle East wing
Delgatie Castle West wing
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