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Darul Aman Palace

History and Facts

Darul Aman Palace was established by king Amanullah Khan in 1920. It is situated 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the center of Kabul, close to another palace, Tajbeg

Darul Aman was originally intended to be the seat of the new Afghan parliament, but it never served as that.

Darul Aman is built according to a European neoclassical architectural style and stands on a hilltop. It was destroyed by fire in 1969 but later restored and used as a museum for a short period of time.

The Palace was taken over by the Defense Ministry and once again destroyed by a mujahideen (Islamic fighters engaged in jihad, or "holy war") group during the civil war of 1990.

At present, Darul Aman Palace stands in ruins, although efforts are underway to make it the home of Afghanistan’s future parliament. As of 2011 the palace is still in ruins.

Darul Aman Map&Location

Geographic Coordinates: 34.464953' N, 69.119430' E
Directions: Pul-e-Sukhta Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan 189 m S

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Darul Aman Photos

Photos by Bruce MacRae 
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Darul Aman Palace
Darul Aman ruins
Darul Aman Palace - walls
Darul Aman Palace facade
Darul Aman Ruined Palace
Photos by by Bruce MacRae