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Crookston Castle

The 15th century castle Crookston stands on a mound in the midst of a housing estate.

Crookston Castle Short History

The knoll has a moat around its top, enclosing a flat courtyard in which stands the castle tower.

The main hall has a parallelogram plan, with square tower at the corners, two of which are gone.

The third is one storey tall, the fourth rises to five floors, and the uppermost was rebuilt in 1847. A series of ladders lead to the viewing platform, affording panoramas over Glasgow.

Crookston was built in the 12th century by Robert de Croc but in 1330 was bought by Sir Alan Stewart.

In 1361 it was granted to his descendant Stewart of Darnley. Henry, Lord Darnley, was noted as the wife of Mary, Queen of Scots; both visited in 1565.

Crookston Castle is in the hands of the National Trust of Scotland since 1931, making it the trust’s first property.

Crookston Castle Map&Location

Crookston Castle  Address: 170 Brockburn Road, Glasgow, G53 5RY, United Kingdom. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Crookston Castle Photos

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Crookston Castle
Crookston Castle view from the top
Crookston Castle fireplace
Crookston Castle tower
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