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Cooling Castle

Cooling Castle was built as a result of the French raid which ravaged this part of Kent in 1379.

It was completed in 1385 covering nearly eight acres and consisting of two parallel but unequal wards separated by a moat surrounding both.

The Inner Gatehouse is thought to remain standing to almost 10 metres. The water gate or postern is standing and a small wooden boat was previously dug up opposite this.

The undercroft of the 'Great Chamber' remains, and the foundations of many buildings in the south-eastern part of the castle are thought to be buried underneath flower beds.In 1554, Sir Thomas Wyatt, during his revolt against Queen Mary, attacked the castle on his advance to London. Lord Cobham, surrendered the castle after siege of 6 hours pleading shortage of cannon and lukewarm support of his henchmen.

Wyatt captured Lord Cobham and his two sons and forced them to march with him to London, but they managed to make their escape and went back to Cooling.

The castle was never fully repaired and not much used after the 1580’s. The present house was built around 1670 and is in private hands.

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Address: Cooling Castle Barn, Cooling Castle, Main Rd, Cooling, Rochester, Kent ME3 8DT, United Kingdom.
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Cooling Castle

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