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Château de Bury

The Château de Bury is castle near Blois (Loir-et-Cher), France. Although ruined in the 17th century, this Renaissance château, still dominates the village of Bury.

The building of the Bury Castle was begun in 1511 and that it was nearly complete by January 1515; it can thus no longer be considered to be an imitation of the Francis I wing of the Château of Blois.

If Bury was built as it appears in the engravings of Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau, it was in certain respects the precursor of the great châteaux of the Loire valley built between 1515 and 1525, such as Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau and Chambord.

The buildings at Château de Bury were grouped around a square court, with round towers under high roofs at the corners.

Currently the castle is listed for sale and visits are not possible. Visit Loire Valley Castles around.

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Ruined Château de Bury, Molineuf
Dictionary of French Architecture from 11th to 16th Century

Chateau de Bury Map&Location

Château de Bury Address: 41190 Molineuf, France. Get firections using this map:

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