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Christiansborg Palace

Located in Slotsholmen, the Christiansborg Palace houses the three supreme powers (executive, legislative, and judicial) of Denmark’s government.

A two-kilometer-long (1.2 miles) canal with eight bridges encircles the palace. The castle houses the Royal Reception Rooms, Queen's Library, audience chambers, Sovereign in Council Rooms, Knight's Hall, Throne Room,Chapel, Danish Parliament (Folketing), Supreme Court, and the Prime Minister's Office.

The Riding Ground Complex is surrounded by the Royal stables and contains the Theatre Museum and the equestrian statue of King Christian IX. The Danish Royal Library Gardens also lies in close proximity to the palace.

Christiansborg Palace - History

The first building on the current site of Christiansborg Palace dates back to as early as 1167, when Absalon’s castle was built here. It was destroyed in 1369 by the Hansa League. It currently is in ruins, but given its age, the ruins are well preserved.

Soon after Absalon’s castle was destroyed a new castle was built on its place, the Copenhagen castle (Københavns Slot). This new castle was the property of the Bishop of Roskilde until 1417 when Eric VII occupied it and transformed it into a royal residence. Copenhagen castle underwent many restorations made under Christian IV and Frederick IV, but these weren’t all successful, as in the 1720’s the walls started to loosen.

Thus King Christian VI demolished the Copenhagen castle and a new palace complex was built in its place, the Christiansborg Palace. It was a big palace built in the baroque style, but it did not last for long as in 1794 it was destroyed by a fire.

The second Christiansborg castle’s building started in 1803 and was completed in 1828. This palace was used as a Royal residence for only 11 years by King Frederick VII. Just like the first building it burnt down in 1884, although some parts, like the chapel of the palace were saved.

The third and last Christiansborg was built between 1907 and 1928. During this last construction project, the ruins of Absalon’s castle and Copenhagen castle were revealed.

Christiansborg Palace Visitor info

Today, the Christiansborg Palace is open for visits. A combined access to the Royal Reception Rooms, the ruins and the royal stables costs 95 DKK (around $18). Discounts for students, children, groups and families are available. The public galleries of the Parliament as well as the Royal Chapel are free to visit during service hours.

Christiansborg Palace Map&Location

Christiansborg lies in the centre of Copenhagen so it is easy to be found. There are many signs leading to it too.
Get directions using this map following this adress.
Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København, Denmark

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Christiansborg Palace


Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg statue


Christiansborg's Church Interior