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Çiraq Qala (Chirag Gala)


Chirag-Gala or Çiraq Qala ("light" or "lamp") is the name of a 5th-century castle fortress in the Guba Forest (Quba)

Built by the Sassanid Persians, the mountaintop fortress served as a defense for the khanate (province) of Quba until the 1800s.

The fortress is located at over 1200  altitude, and this made it an excellent communication tower.

The prevailing system in the castles of the area was to give alert of an enemy threat by lighting signal fires that could be seen from other towers. A rugged mountain road connects to a footpath leading up to the fortress.

Visiting Chirag Gala

Chirag Gala is located between Devechi and Siyezen regions, but it is not easily accessible by road. Many tourists visiting Chirag Gala do it by foot from the village of Dashlig Yanar near Siyazan (Siyəzən)

Chirag Gala (Chiraq-qala) Map&Location

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41° 4′ 49″ N, 48° 56′ 43″ E (41.080278, 48.945278)

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Chirag Gala (Chiraq-qala) Photos

Chirag Gala (Chiraq-qala)
Chirag Gala (Chiraq-qala) by Neftchi
Chirag Gala (Chiraq-qala)