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Château de Chambord

Château de Chambord is a French royal castle situated near Blois.

Château de Chambord Facts

The Château de Chambord was Francis I’s personal project, and he had undertaken the immense construction with all the enthusiasm of the early years of his reign.

He pursued the project for 30 years, even though the court had left the Loire Valley in 1525 and he himself spent only a few brief periods at the château.

His obstinacy is explained less by his desire to build a hunting lodge for his own pleasure than by his conviction of the political importance of the arts: he wished to build an exceptional structure that would bear eternal witness to his glory and to that of his kingdom.

Chambord took on its full, political, significance when Francis took the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to visit it, or when Henry VIII of England sought to imitate it at Nonsuch Palace in Surrey, another castle ‘sans pareil’.

 Château de Chambord Visits

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Château de Chambord panorama © Alexander

Château de Chambord Map

Château de Chambord Address: Maison des Réfractaires, 41250 Chambord, France. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Chateau de Chambord interior © Linus Mak

Chambord Castle Photos

Click on the images to enlarge - Photos © Etienne Boucher
Chateau de Chambord
Chateau de Chambord
Chateau de Chambord land
Chateau de Chambord park and gardens
  Château de Chambord  roof detail
Chateau de Chambord detail - Photos © Etienne Boucher
Chambrod Castle Interior © Linus Mak