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Catoira Towers of the West (Torres do Oeste)

This once powerful fortification is currently in ruins. Only two towers and a chapel left.

Short History

The Catoira Towers were built by the government of the city of Compostela to guard the sea entrance and prevent Moorish or Norman pirate attacks.

Originally it comprised 7 towers linked by a wall and protected by a moat. To avoid sea incursions, two towers (one on each side of the water) were linked by a chain so no attacker could sail further inland from that point on.

Torres do Oeste Today

Today, the site of the Catoira towers is the venue for one of the biggest festivals in Spain, the "Catoira Viking Festival" where locals dress up accordingly, sail up the sea entrance of the towers and "attack" them.

Catoira Towers Map&Location

Aproximate Geographic Coordinates: 42.677009 -8.725993
Directions: Catoria Towers Castle is located near Puente de Catoira, Galicia, Spain. Get help with directions:

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Catoira Towers
Catoira Towers of West © Ángel Jueguen

Catoira Towers Photos

Photos © Contando Estrelas - Click to enlarge
Torres do Oeste
   Torres do Oeste
   Torres do Oeste
   Torres do Oeste garden
Torres do Oeste courtyard
Torres do Oeste door