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Castillo de Jagua (Jagua Castle)

This spectacular Spanish fortress was founded in 1745 by King Carlos V of Spain. The fortress then acted as a defensive system against Caribbean pirates and other overseas dominions.

Castillo de Jagua Facts

Situated on a rock at the entrance of Cienfuegos Bay, it is now a National Monument and affords visitors a scenic view of the surrounding blue waters and thick forests.

It is particularly noticeable for its architectonic style, including the rectangular form and walls with stonecutting works.

It also houses a multipurpose museum with six permanent exhibitions about the history and development of the fortress, one temporary exhibition hall, and a restaurant offering exotic cuisines.

Castillo de Jagua Map&Location

Castillo de Jagua is located in Jagua, Cienfuegos, Cuba.Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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Castillo de Jagua Photos

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Castillo de Jagua
Castillo de Jagua tower
Castillo de Jagua seaside view
Castillo de Jagua seaside grounds