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Cardigan Castle

The ruins of Cardigan Castle dominate the skyline above the town of Cardigan, Wales.

Once full of medieval splendour, the castle is now in an extremely poor state: its walls propped up by scaffolding and the gardens overgrown.

Cardigan Castle History

Although the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt at various times throughout the centuries, the present mix of Medieval, Georgian and 20th-century architecture is enchanting.

But it is not only the building that gives Cardigan Castle its historical significance. It is also the people who lived, fought and died within its walls that make the building of great importance.

One such figure was the Lord Rhys, one of Wales' most prominent rulers, who battled against the Normans in the 12th century, eventually capturing the castle from the overlords and re-constructing it using stone.

So delighted was the Lord Rhys with the Cardigan Castle, that he put on a festival to show it off. This was to be the precursor to Wales' National Eisteddfod, the arts festival that attracts over 160,000 visitors during its ten days and is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Three centuries on from Lord Rhys, Henry VII stayed at Cardigan on his way to battle at Bosworth and later gave the castle to Catherine of Aragon when she married his son, Arthur.

In the 19th century, a new building was added to the property. The Georgian Castle Green House was incorporated into part of the remaining, ruinous structure and has been used as a private residence for much of its life.

Barbara Wood bought the house in the 1940s. After a series of battles between Ms Wood and the local council in the 80s and 90s, it was bought back into public hands.

Cardigan Castle Map

Address: 13 Strand, Cardigan, Ceredigion SA43 1EX
Aproximate Geographic Coordinates: 52.081608,-4.660129
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Cardigan Heritage Centre © eddiemcfish (Click on the photo to enlarge)

 Cardigan Castle Photos

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Cardigan Castle ruins © Jacob Whittaker
Photos by © eddiemcfish
Overgrown Battlements
Cardigan Castle South battlements
Cardigan Castle Kitchen garden
Cardigan Castle walls
Bench and battlements
East Tower Western Inter-mural Passage