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Bratislava Castle

Sitting atop a hill in the capital of Slovakia, the Bratislava castle is one of the city’s most important landmarks.

Bratislava Castle History

It was first mentioned as Preslava castle in 907 and for a long time was known by this name (or Pressburg in German). By the year 1000, under King Stephen I of Hungary, the castle was an important one for the Kingdom of Hungary. It helped defend the kingdom in many battles against Bohemian and German attackers between the 10th and 13th century. The Bratislava castle was also one of the few ones to defend itself successfully against the Mongol invasion of 1241.

In 1536, the Pressburg castle became the seat of the Kingdom of Hungary after present day Hungary was conquered by the Turks. Between 1552 and 1784 the holy crown of Hungary was hosted in this castle.

Starting with the 18th century, the castle gradually lost its importance. In 1811 a huge accidental fire destroyed it. For much of the 19th century, the castle continued to deteriorate and parts of it were sold as construction material. There were many plans to turn the place into government buildings but after World War II it was restored to its last known state. Restoration work started in 1957 and it was partially re-opened in 1968, but different types of works around the castle were continuously made.

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Getting there

Bratislava castle sits atop of a hill and it is easy to spot from almost any point of the Slovakian capital. It is easily reachable by foot from the historical centre and the area is well-signalled.

Bratislava Castle Map

Bratislava Castle Photos

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Bratislva Castle by Michael Penkov
Photo by Stefan
Bratislava Castle courtyard detail - by J_Makk

Bratislava Castle Stairwell - by J_Makk

Bratislava Castle interior museum - by J_Makk
Bratislava Castle by night - by Miroslav Petrasko