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Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle Description

The present Blarney Castle is the third castle to be builton the site. The first, in the 10th century, was wooden.About 1210, this was replaced by a stone structure. In 1446, another stone structure was built by Cormac MacCarthy giving today's castle.

Blarney Castle is one of Ireland’s most visited site. Located near Cork, it is easily reachable and it is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. But it isn’t the castle that attracts so many visitors yearly, but the Blarney Stone which is said it gives the gift of words to anyone who kisses it.

The Blarney Castle currently stands in ruins and as a stand-alone objective it is not worthwhile visiting.

Blarney Stone - The Stone of Eloquence

The Blarney Stone is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Ireland. It is of ancient history and many fables have sprung up as one might expect of such a famous artifact.

The most common fable is that if you go to Blarney Castle and climb the narrow ancient castle stairs and lean backwards--and downwards--out of the battlements holding onto iron bars set in the castle wall, you will be able to kiss the Stone and become endowed with the "gift of Blarney".

The stone was actually built right into the walls of Blarney Castle in the 15th century by Cormac Macarthy, one of Ireland's greatest warriors. Because of its location as part of the castle walls, tourists are forced to assume the awkward position to reach it.

Many legends surround the origin of the stone. Some stories tell of the stone being brought to Ireland during the crusades and that it may have Biblical connections. Another story tells of a witch who revealed the secret powers of the stone to the castle owners after they had saved her life.

The stone itself is said to grant the power to persuade with the gift of gab.

Of course, it is a matter of opinion whether the stone helps make one more eloquent when it is kissed, but the names of many of the stone's visitors, and their abilities to accomplish great things, makes an impressive list.

Later, Winston Churchill was a visitor and was able to convince both his countrymen and the world that they could standup to and defeat Adolf Hitler in WWII.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, an American of Irish decent, also kissed the landmark and later convinced enough people to vote for him, making him the first Roman Catholic president in the history of the United States.

Nelly Bly, an early female journalist, gained fame by traveling around the world. One of her first stops was at the Blarney Stone. As the story goes, she was able to talk her way out of almost all situations during the rest of her trip.

Finally, an American businessman named Milton Hershey stopped by the stone during a trip to Europe. He went on to convince the world that his little chocolate confections called "kisses" were worth buying by the millions.

Blarney Castle Visitor Info

Opening Times:

The Blarney Castle is open all year around as it follows:

Monday to Saturday:
In May: 9.00 -18,30
Jun to Aug: 9.00 -19,00
In Sept: 9,00 -18,30
Oct to Apr: 9.00 am to sundown

Summer: 9,00 - 17,30
Winter: 9,00 - to sundown

Ticket Info:

A ticket will cost: 12 € adults, 10 € Students and Seniors, 5 € Children (8-14 years, 30 € Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Contact details:

Tel: 00 353 21 438 5252     
Official page:

Blarney Castle Map&Location

Blarney Castle Address: Blarney, Cork, Ireland.
Geographic Coordinates:  51.92903376346703, -8.57109010219574
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Blarney Castle Photos

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Blarney Castle © songsinthenight
Tower at Blarney Castle © songsinthenight
Photos by © Wally Hartshorn
Blarney Castle and garden
Blarney Castle Doorways
Blarney Castle House
Blarney Castle Tower
View from the Top of Blarney Castle
Inside Blarney Castle © Wally Hartshorn