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Ampudia Castle

Ampudia Castle - Short History

First built in the 13th century, but thoroughly altered in the 15th century, Ampudia Castle has a square plan with a gothic central courtyard and 4 towers on each corner.

Half of the castle complex is surrounded by a barbican defended by cylindrical towers.

It belonged to different owners such as Juan Alfonso de Alburquerque, Sancho de Rojas and Pedro Garcia Herrera (Marsical of Castille) among others.

In 1521 it was assaulted and occupied by the Comuneros (Castillan independentists who fought against Charles I of Spain) headed by the belicious bishop Acuna. It was later retaken for the Crown by the Duke of Lerma.

Ampudia Castle Today

Today Ampudia Castle is a private property, but its grounded departments can be visited on a guided tour. Other parts of the castle like the upper levels or the keep are not open for visit.

Ampudia Castle Map&Location

Address: El Castillo de Ampudia, Oficina de Turismo de Ampudia, Plaza San Miguel, 2, 34191 Ampudia, Spain. Get help with directions using the map provided bellow:

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 Ampudia Castle Photos

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View of Ampudia Castle © Fernando Elía
Ampudia Castle and grounds © Luis G. Cabello

Ampudia Castle in evening © Julio Codesal
Ampudia Castle gate © Roberto Lazo
Ampudia Castle - wall detail © José Luis Filpo