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Amalienborg Palace (Amalienborg Slot)

Amalienborg Palace is the winter home of the Danish royal family. It is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Although originally built as the home of four noble families, Amalienborg was bought by Danish king Frederick V.

Amalienborg Palace is composed of four similar-looking Rococo-style palaces surrounding an octagonal courtyard. At the center of the court is an equestrian statue of Frederik V, the founder of Amalienborg.

The four palaces are Christian VII's Palace (Moltke's Palace), Christian VIII's Palace (Levetzau's Palace), which houses the Queen’s reference library and a museum portraying the Glücksburger dynasties, Frederik VIII's Palace (Brockdorff's Palace), and Christian IX's Palace (Schack's Palace).

Amaliehave (Amalie Garden) is the new green oasis of Amalienborg, established in 1983. It is located between the palace and the harbor and provides breathtaking views of surrounding attractions like the Marble Church and Opera House.

Amalienborg Palace Map&Location

Amalienborg Palace's adress is Christian VIII's Palæ, 1257 Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Amalienborg Palace complex Amalienborg Palace Amalienborg Palace Amalienborg Palace entrance

Amalienborg Palace courtyard